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WhitelabelITSolutions is a leader in hosting and data center solutions in the United States. Offering everything from low-end dedicated servers to multi suite custom enterprise-level colocation solutions. Our team of highly-skilled professionals excel at designing and implementing the perfect solution for your personal or business needs. Our Network Operations Center (NOC) is fully-staffed 24/7 to assist you with everything from routine memory upgrades to advanced systems troubleshooting.

With WhitelabelITSolutions service model, you keep ownership of your customers and set your own prices. On our infrastructure we provide a complete line of services to meet your needs. Our hosting solutions are ideal for companies in need of a white label suite of managed hosting, dedicated hosting and colocation services.

IT Sourcing, Telecom and Software companies often take advantage of this program to expand their IT Infrastructure services while controlling costs.

Learn more about the following solutions:

  • Managed
    Colocation Solutions
  • Custom
    Managed Solutions
  • Custom
    Dedicated Solutions
  • Domains /
    Web Hostings

Why Choose Whitelabel IT Solutions?

Roof Rights

WhitelabelITSolutions provides affordable, hassle-free roof access at our world-class data center if you need access to the airwaves. You can mount antennas and satellite dishes on top of our building in Hackensack, New Jersey.

Carrier Neutral

WhitelabelITSolutions is not tied to any one service provider (telecommunications, ISP, or other), allowing us to provide diversity and flexibility for the client seeking service.

Discreet Location

Premium New Jersey location, strategically and perfectly located away from natural disaster, man-initiated and terrorist threat zones.

Connectivity and Bandwidth Providers