• Easy set up makes deployment quick and error-free
  • No hardware installation needed
  • Monthly and Annual Pre-Pay pricing subscription options available


Meet-Me-Room is a dedicated computer room and cable network to provide fast and reliable connectivity between telco providers and our data centers clients.

Whitelabel ITSolutions Cloud MeetMe, powered by multiple Peering Exchange Points, is an innovative and powerful web collaboration solution with feature rich content sharing capabilities that bring new ideas to life while integrating easily with everyday workflows. With quick setup and flexible subscription plans, you can buy now and start collaborating today!


Easy set up makes deployment quick and error-free. No hardware installation needed.

Monthly and Annual Pre-Pay pricing subscription options available.

For Our Data Center Clients

  • Fast connection to new telco operators
  • Cost reduction for last mile laying
  • Access to a wide pool of telco providers

Meet-Me-Room Infrastructure

Isolated rooms for active and passive equipment

Two independent telecommunication inputs

Uninterruptible AC/DC power supply

Why Meet-Me-Room Connection is Convenient


Cross-connection in 2 hours. Equipment installation within 24 hours.


Access to network status monitoring, personal cross-log and application management system in the Personal Account.


Technical support and smart-hands option in 24х7х365 mode.

Additional Services


Dedicated L2 VPN communication channels with guaranteed bandwidth from 1 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s.


We lease our own optical fiber network and build new routes for your projects.


Hosting and lease of server and network equipment in Tier III level OST and NORD data center in Hackensack, NJ.

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