Data Center

Data Center

Hackensack, New Jersey USA

      • Building: 18,000 (sq.ft.)
      • Flood Zone: Outside 500 year flood plain
      • Seismic: Zone 2A
      • Cooling: N+5
      • Floor Loading: 200 (lbs/sq.ft.)
      • Roof rights available


Powered by Liebert Emerson

  • Utility Power Capacity: 4000 (kW)
  • UPS Power Capacity: 800 (kW)
  • UPS Redundancy: N+2
  • Power Density: 1800 (W/sq.ft.)
  • Generator Power Capacity: 800(kW)
  • Generator Redundancy: N+2

The flexible accommodating blueprint at WhitelabelITSolutions data center allows you to increase power at the rack level – (wattage number) – to meet the requirements of all of your needs. Our data center features a custom primary power feed and also sustains multiple backup feeds from various substations provided from PSEG.

WhitelabelITSolutions is prepared for all local uncontrollable events; our power grid allows our downtime in the event of a blackout to be as minimal as possible. WhitelabelITSolutions hosts two Liebert Emerson uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems, which allows for ultra-fast adjustments.

In the unfortunate event of a blackout our generator (Caterpillar 600kw Generator with N+1 Configuration) is prepared to sustain our data center over 24 hours while having the potential to be refueled easily, maintaining that your server has 100% uptime.


Whitelabel ITSolutions has the infrastructure in place to grow as your business grows. With ample space, power, redundant utilities systems, and expert technical support, Whitelabel ITSolutions can design your configuration to scale as your IT requirements change and expand. We understand your high capacity networking requirements and have built a high-density infrastructure ready for your network needs today and to future proof your growth moving forward.

Whitelabel ITSolutions offers you a unique ecosystem of service, content, application, and network providers, that you are able to leverage for quick and seamless connection to a myriad of options. Our concentration of carriers located within our 100% carrier-neutral data centers allow service providers to tailor value-add services into robust solutions for your customers.


Being a part of this Internet Peering Exchange will bring Whitelabel ITSolutions “inside” core facilities while giving customers the option to cross connect to many active IP networks operated by other providers in their centers. Whitelabel ITSolutions now has access to these networks as they are instrumental to our customers’ growth. The Internet Peering Exchange allows Whitelabel ITSolutions to provide even more choice to our customers looking for more high quality IP network peering points using the Peering Internet Exchange.

The Internet Peering Exchange is a neutral, privately owned and managed packet and Internet exchange, providing a high performance Internet peering fabric for participants. It allows customers to reduce operating costs by aggregating ISPs, content providers, enterprises and others on a single highly available service platform so that Internet traffic may have direct access to destination networks.

Direct peering increases the speed and reliability of the exchange of communication. Whitelabel ITSolutions is taking out the middleman and providing clients with a direct connection to the top organizations in the market place. Routing to content and service providers allows the company to deliver low latency between clients and other service providers.


  • 24×365 manned security
  • Biometric card key access control
  • Digital video monitoring and recording
  • Onsite security
  • Discrete location


  • Ensure your business is able to keep operating in the event of an unplanned incident. We offer multiple choices to satisfy your companies needs, Shared Desk, Dedicated Desk or a Private Suite. (More information is available here.)


  • WhitelabelITSolutions is not tied to any one service provider (telecommunications, ISP, or other), allowing us to provide diversity and flexibility for the client seeking service. If there is a particular provider you prefer or are partnered with WhitelabelITSolutions is more than able to accommodate your needs.


  • WhitelabelITSolutions provides affordable, hassle-free roof access at our world-class data center if you need access to the airwaves. You can mount antennas and satellite dishes on top of our building in Hackensack, New Jersey. For any further questions please visit our Contact page.