Custom Managed Solutions

Custom Managed Solutions
  • Hardware Management
  • Software installation and configuration
  • Installation and configuration

WhitelabelITSolutions Managed Hosting includes the following Services:

  • Hardware
  • Web server installation, configuration, monitoring, clustering
    Database installation, configuration, tuning, monitoring
    Web server and database support, 24/7/365
    Software Management
  • Software installation
    and configuration
  • Patches, upgrades and backups
    Software administration and support, 24/7/365
    Application Management
  • Installation
    and configuration
  • Management and monitoring
    Patches and upgrades
    Application maintenance and support, 24/7/365

Managed Hosting with WhitelabelITSolutions

As a top managed hosting provider we offer cutting edge managed hosting solutions to address your storage, security, and availability requirements. Whatever your goals and budget are, we have a managed server plan that is right for you.

What Are Managed Hosting Services?

A managed hosting service provider is a company or individual that remotely manages a customer’s IT infrastructure.
Most commonly, managed hosting providers will work on a set monthly flat fee, so you simply pay an amount each month for their services.

All WhitelabelITSolutions colocation plans and dedicated servers include – at no additional charge – Standard Managed Services. This includes everything you need to get started: setup, troubleshooting, patch management, basic monitoring, and the regular application of security patches and other critical updates.

Should you have more advanced requirements, WhitelabelITSolutions offers a range of services that are managed for you by our team of certified support engineers and technicians. These services include:

Managed Security

With a full understanding of the importance the security of your IT, data and other intellectual property is for your business. With our Managed Security Plan, we will ensure that your servers are resilient to attack, safe from intrusion and always available when you and your customers need them. Some of the features include: Firewall configurations for specific requirements, firewall management and VPN management in the firewall.

Server Management

We will tackle the details of server management, keeping your operation at peak availability, security and performance without over-burdening your in-house team. Services include OS monitoring and administration; uptime monitoring; assessment and optimization of CPU, memory, disk, swap/page file utilization; and other flags for our attention and resolution.

Software-Specific Services

Our technicians are trained and certified on a variety of platforms and applications, including Linux, Unix, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 R2, Our engineers also can manage the cPanel and Plesk control panels.

Managed Support

WhitelabelITSolutions delivers a range of IT service solutions that will support and manage your entire IT infrastructure. Our solutions are flexible and they can be tailored to meet the specific IT needs of your business.